Holistic Treatments

As well as facials and massages, the Highbullen ELEMIS Spa also offers a number of holistic treatments, which include the following:

  • Combination Therapies - Combine either a 25 minute facial or a 25 minute back massage with 25 minutes of reflexology. Alternatively, book a holistic facial lasting 55 minutes alongside 25 minutes of reflexology.
  • ELEMIS Scalp Massage - Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage that calms the mind and gently nourishes the scalp. The treatment, which lasts 25 minutes helps take away tension headaches and stress using an ELEMIS aromatic Life Elixir to suit your mood.
  • Indian Head Massage - Sit back and relax with an Indian Head Massage that targets the upper back and arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. The treatment lasts 40 minutes and is used to release tension that can lead to headaches, eye strain and sinus problems.
  • Reflexology - Reflexology is a great treatment for relieving tension and rebalancing the body by gently massaging pressure points in the feet. Treatments can last either 25 or 55 minutes.
  • Foot Soother - The foot soother is a 25 minute treat for your feet that uses a soothing exfoliating scrub and massage on your lower legs and feet.
  • Sinus Drainage - Relieve pain and congestion with the sinus drainage treatment, which is a 25 minute massage for the face that combines the use of decongesting essential oils, pressure point techniques and drainage massage.